Articles, Chapters, and Class Handouts

BURNS_THis Prick Which is Not One
Le Chevalier Qui Fist Parler les Cons
Les iv sohaiz St. Martin
ENGL 429 Notes on Aemilia Lanyer Nov 11_2013
TRILL Feminism versus Religion Lanyer
Aelred of Rievaulx_The Nun of Watton
Sarah Salih_The Nun of Watton
SCHULTZ Danger of Heterosexuality
ŽZIZEKFrom Courtly Love to The Crying GameNLR19807
BROMLEY Let it suffise_hero_and_leander_essay
CREWE In the Field of Dreams
Ut cum muliere
John_Eleanor Rykener
Gower The Tale of Iphis Confessio Amantis Book 4
WATT Iphis from Amoral Gower
MURRAY Twice Marginal & Twice Invisible
WATT Why Men Still Aren’t Enough GLQ 16.3
Ovid The Tale of Iphis 9. 666_797

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